Introducing Obeo Mobile!

What do you get when you combine the power of Obeo Strategies with one of the smartest mobile marketing and communication tools in the real estate industry? You get Obeo’s new member of the family… ObeoMobile!

Going Forward… Obeo Mobile is a FREE upgrade on all your full-service virtual tours! This powerful new application includes a gorgeous new mobile viewer and free text codes with text capture. You will capture additional text leads from your virtual tour as consumers click to have driving directions and map sent to their mobile phone. Looking for QC Code solutions? Look no further, because we have that covered too! All these upgrades are yours at no cost for a limited time (you have to act now). To sign-up for these new features, visit your Obeo Members Area and click on the Obeo Mobile button. For those dedicated to an all-encompassing mobile strategy you need to check out the ObeoMobile Pro Membership.

Got Leads? With Obeo Mobile you do!

Not that this is you… but let’s just say somebody drove by your listing and the only way they could reach out to you was to visit your website, call you or simply grab a flyer from the info box. What happens next is too much of a gamble in today’s competitive market place. Stop gambling… Let’s get those leads! With ObeoMobile, you will be given a property code for each of your Obeo full-service listings. Use this code to promote your property on sign riders, flyers, and postcards. As potential buyer’s text the code for more information, our system will send out detailed listing information, property photos, YouTube video and driving directions via text message to their mobile phone. At the same time, you are emailed and texted with this new lead, allowing you to immediately communicate directly with this individual via text or phone call.

You will also notice a new button on your Obeo HomeSite virtual tour that allows interested buyers to click to have a copy of the mobile tour with driving directions sent directly to their mobile phone. QR codes are also standard on all Obeo Tours, so you can point potential buyers to an interactive mobile tour of the property.

Upgrade To ObeoMobile Pro! Free is Great… PRO is Better

Once you see the power of ObeoMobile, you are going to want to unlock Your full marketing potential with ObeoMobile Pro. This monthly subscription turbo charges your mobile marketing strategy. ObeoMobile Pro includes:

  • Property information and lead capture through a toll-free phone number, plus text short code and QR code scan options.
  • Property codes for up to 25 active listings or listing presentations.
  • Mobile Communicator (reverse texting) to communicate with large groups of people via text message.
  • Unlimited lead alert contacts (mobile & e-mail) for multiple people in your team.
  • Detailed lead reports and statistics.
  • And oh so much more – Only $19.95/month!

Join Us For Our Obeo Mobile Webinar

We have scheduled informative webinars for the next three weeks to better explain these new upgrades for Obeo Mobile and how to use them. Please click on one of the dates below to register for one of these webinars:

ObeoMobile… Your Future is Ringing Loud and Clear!

Every day, more and more people are using their phones to get the information they want. With ObeoMobile, you can provide interested buyers with your listing information, exactly how they want to receive it. Why settle for a single mobile strategy, when you can have it all with ObeoMobile?

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