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Blog posts from the leadership team of Obeo.

We’re Taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

The Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s sweeping the nation!  But for Obeo, it all started will a little #IceBucketChallenge video, from Obeo’s CEO, Glade Jones.  Glade has a very personal connection with ALS.  His mom passed away  in 2002 after a three year battle with ALS.   Glade and his wife Tonya took the challenge, and […]

Obeo Releases Major Upgrades to its Single Property Website

 A new version of Obeo’s Single Property Website, boosting faster load speeds and enhanced mobile performance was quietly released last week! We are super excited about the deployment of our latest upgrades to our Single Property Website.  The two biggest enhancements in this new release are load speed and mobile functionality. According to Bob Davis, […]

Ode to the Refrigerator Magnet

Law of Averages Successful Realtors play to the law of averages. Agents that understand their value and in turn can articulate their value find a way to consistently get in front of as many contacts as possible. They start understanding their sales funnel very well. They know that for every measureable input (number of phone […]

Obeo Introduces Brand New Property Website

Obeo has listened!   We were listening when you asked for a property website or virtual tour platform that is built with responsive design, meaning it works on every device, whether it’s a smart phone, iPad or computer.   We also listened when you asked for a property website that is easy to navigate and is finger […]

Obeo Introduces New YouTube Listing Video!

Great news!  This week Obeo went live with a beautiful brand new YouTube Listing Video.  Any new property websites that you order from Obeo will automatically feature this new format.   The new video format is an upgrade over Obeo’s previous version, and is being offered to you at no extra cost.  The new video […]